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Twin cities wake up to thundershower

By Our Correspondent
March 26, 2020

Islamabad: The residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi woke up to a shower of rain accompanied by thunder and lightning on Wednesday morning.

Though the storm lasted around an hour, the weather stayed pleasant afterward for being windy.

The Met Office recorded 23 millimetres of rainfall in Islamabad's Golra area, 12 in Saidpur, 11 in New Airport, nine in Bokra and seven in Zero Point, and nine and six in Rawalpindi's Chaklala and Shamsabad areas respectively.

Islamabad reported the minimum temperature of 12 degree Celsius (95% humidity) and Rawalpindi that of 15 degree Celsius (95% humidity).

According to weathermen, it will be mostly cloudy on Thursday amid a likelihood of rain coupled with strong winds and thunder falling in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The current westerly wave will cause rain and thunderstorm on Friday and Saturday.

As the authorities locked down two cities due to the outbreak of coronavirus, most residents stayed indoors. Only few vehicles were seen on the roads as public transport was suspended.