Friday December 03, 2021

Time to wake up

March 24, 2020

This refers to the editorial, 'Proceed with caution' (March 20, 2020). It is true the government did not take Covid-19 seriously until it hit us. When it hit China we should have taken full precautions with complete screening of travelers, and established quarantine centers and allowed people to go home after clearance. It was social media that woke us up but it was too late. The centre and the provinces were not on the same page and continued to indulge in point-scoring.

It appears Pakistan has no technical know how to establish quarantine centers; the classic example is of Taftan. The PM says we have to fight it out with 'Ghabrana nahi hai” whereas people have started starving even with a partial shutdown. It is time to take the issue very seriously.

Mukhtar Ahmed