Monday December 06, 2021

The primary race

March 13, 2020

We are told by the corporate media know-it-alls that the contest to become the Democratic nominee for president is now a two-man race.

Never mind that the know-it-alls have, in the past, been so wrong, so often about so many things and have proven time and again during the long, often erratic campaign to select Donald Trump’s opponent in 2020 that they are about as adept at picking who will ultimately prevail as you or me.

Remember way back, when the know-it-alls insisted that polls showed that Joe Biden had it won before the heats had even begun and he just needed to survive the TV debates to be officially crowned nominee?

Remember when Biden got spanked during a debate by Kamala Harris over his record on desegregation school busing and the know-it-alls said the Democratic senator had seized the momentum having knocked him out of the park with her potent “that little girl was me” retort?

Remember when Harris soon vanished and the know-it-alls said former Mayor Pete Buttigieg had grasped the momentum after his “surprise” win in the Iowa caucuses and Biden looked frail and spent?

Remember when the know-it-alls hailed billionaire Michael Bloomberg as the tiny, perfect saviour while Biden, unsure, and, at times, incoherent, continued to falter?

Remember when the know-it-alls said the tiny, perfect billionaire saviour’s political fortunes sank faster than the Dow Jones index after Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren likened Bloomberg’s foul sexism to Trump’s?

Remember when, after Sanders’ early string of primary victories, the know-it-alls churned out an assembly-line of hyperbolic, end-is-neigh columns to convince readers the Vermont Senator is an older, beardless version of Che Guevara, to stall his crescendo-like momentum?

Well, not only do the corporate media know-it-alls suck at being know-it-alls, but they are fibbing about what they claim to know after Biden’s Super Tuesday resurgence.

This is not a “duel” between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The new “narrative” pushed by the know-it-alls implies that Biden and Sanders are competing for voters on equal footing without, of course, the know-it-alls planting a big, collective finger on the scale in favour of their favourite son.

Look, Biden was, is and will always be their guy. Sure, he may have frightened, bewildered and disappointed them along the unpredictable way, but the political axis has righted itself. So, it is back to pumping Biden’s once deflated tyres as the only man capable of beating Trump.

Truth is, it is Sanders versus Biden and the corporate media know-it-alls.

Excerpted from: ‘No, the Democratic primary is not a two-man race’.