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MNAs take session on Kashmir lightly

February 05, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The Tuesday’s session of the National Assembly was dedicated to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir in line with Kashmir Solidarity Day observed on February 5. While many speakers highlighted the Kashmir issue, but some members digressed from the main topic.

All the three main national-level parties credited their party chiefs for services to the Kashmir cause and highlighting it on the international for a during their respective tenures in government. The services of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Prime Minister Imran Khan were recalled in the house. The Kashmiri flag was displayed alongside that of Pakistan behind the dais of the Speaker National Assembly, while the MPs adorned the Pakistan and Kashmir’s flag.

The floor of the house echoed with speeches highlighting the Kashmir struggle, sacrifices by the Kashmiris and denounced the Indian excesses against the freedom seeking Kashmir while pledging moral and diplomatic support from Pakistan and its people. But the somber occasion was not reciprocated by the serious and mature behavior from some of the parliamentarians. For one the attendance by the parliamentarians was comparatively thinner. Many left the floor of the assembly after making speeches while non serious behavior by some other members was also witnessed who remained busy in chatting in group and cracking jokes and sharing laughter. The Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri had a hard time conveying and convincing the MNAs to observe some decorum to reflect the mood of the event. Speaker Asad Qaisar was similarly anxious about the situation due to a number of vacant seats in the house. Acncording to the schedule, the unanimous resolution on Kashmir Solidarity Day was to be passed in the earlier session followed by speeches, but the absence of the members in adequate numbers compelled the Speaker to allow the speeches first. Later, the Speaker announced tabling the resolution at 2 pm asking the treasury and opposition parliamentary leaders and the respective chief whips to ensure the presence of their members for the passage of the resolution. To the surprise of many even Chairman Kashmir Committee Syed Fakhar Imam was not present in the house and turned up late to present the resolution.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry was applauded for his lively speech to the Indian leadership. Chaudhary told the Indian leadership that if they do not want peace and friendship, then Pakistan is also fully prepared for action but this time we will not let you return with tea alone. There will be lot more to it, while adding they must be feeling the heat of the last engagement. The session was adjourned for Thursday.