Tuesday July 05, 2022

Role of spiritual leaders in NA-114 election scene

June 30, 2018

JHANG: Custodians of the shrines of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo, Hazrat Shah Jewana and Sial Sharif will play an important role in deciding the fate of candidates in NA-114 constituency.

Faisal Saleh Hayat, who is contesting on a PPP ticket, is the caretaker of great saint Syed Mehboob Alam’s shrine, popularly known as Hazrat Shah Jewana. Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan, who is a PTI candidate, is the descendent of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo. He has the backing of highly influential shrine of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo. Independent candidate Alisha Iftikhar Baloch, who is a new-comer in the political arena, is the daughter and granddaughter of former MPAs Iftikhar Baloch and M Khan Baloch. She does not belong to any Pir family but is being vehemently supported by the Pirs of highly influential shrine of Sial Sharif. She was nominated as a candidate by Sajjada Nasheen Khawaja Hameeduddin Sialvi, who is supporting her in the constituency.