Monday September 27, 2021

MQM-London confirms parting ways with Nadeem Nusrat

LONDON: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (London) has launched a scathing attack on its former senior leader Nadeem Nusrat, accusing him of working for secret agencies and running “Free Karachi” campaign in Washington DC to defame Altaf Hussain, the party founder.

Addressing a press conference here at the MQM’s International Secretariat, the MQM-London’s Convenor Dr Nadeem Ehsan made a number of serious allegations against the party’s former senior leader and said that he was running “Free Karachi” campaign at the behest of “agencies” to defame Mr Hussain and to “given an impression as if he has the backing of the MQM founder”.

Dr Ahsan said that Nadeem Nusrat had worked against the interests of the party and ditched it when the party faced “operation in Karachi post August 22, 2016 speech”.

Dr Ehsan said: “Nadeem Nusrat started disappearing from the office and made lame excuses. His role became dubious when he would not come to office for days without informing or often complaining about his ill-health. As our workers faced operation in Karachi and needed guidance and help, Nadeem Nusrat ditched them and left the office in a lurch.

“He lied to the leadership and left for America in the name of medical treatment. He launched Free Karachi campaign in Washington DC at the behest and created an impression as if Altaf Hussain was backing him which is not the case. We asked him to distance himself from this campaign which was against the party policy but he refused and carried on.”

Dr Ehsan questioned who was providing funds to Nadeem Nusrat for this campaign. He said Nadeem Nusrat was planning another campaign in Washington soon and “it was important to make it clear that he has nothing to do with the MQM founder”. The News has reported in October last year that the MQM’s convener in London and Altaf Hussain's long-time ally Nadeem Nusrat has parted ways with Hussain. Nusrat had moved to America with his wife.

Once named by Hussain as one of his three possible successors, Nusrat's association with the MQM chief spanned over three decades. He remained as Hussain’s most trusted ally who enjoyed full powers when MQM-London was in control of Karachi politics. Nadeem Nusrat was appointed deputy convener of the party's Rabitta Committee's in May 2013.

Dr Ehsan said Nadeem Nusrat was made convener of the MQM-London faction of the party and empowered to reorganise and run the party's affairs after 22nd August speech but he damaged party’s interests and abused his position. He was most critical of those party leaders who abandoned Hussain in the post August 22, 2016 scenario but then ended up leaving the party himself. Settled in Washington DC now, the former MQM leader says he is chairman of the “Voice of Karachi” and “South Asia Minority Alliance Foundation”.