Thursday July 07, 2022

#VisitMyMosque Day a success in Oldham

February 19, 2018

MANCHESTER: Organisers of an open day at a mosque in Oldham were overwhelmed with the support and community interest to learn Islam. They now hope that the event will change people’s perceptions about Islam.

Hundreds of people from different faiths have attended an open-day in Oldham. The event was organised by European Islamic Centre (EIC) Oldham and Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). The EIC held a special arrangement for questions related to Islam, Islamic culture and its dealing with other communities.

Moulana Mohammed Iqbal, the head at EIC, told the participants, “Mosque open-day is important in breaking down barriers within the community. We wanted to remove the myth of what mosques are to people. They associate it with terrorism and the idea is to ‘come and have a look for yourself’. I think today’s event was really a fantastic success as we had many satisfied people who were just misled. You always need two hands to have a handshake and I think we have achieved this by mutual consent.”

#VisitMyMosque Day was organised by MCB, with over 200 mosques across Britain opening their doors to their neighbours of all faiths.