Tuesday December 05, 2023

PTI to rally in Karachi on Nov 12, with or without govt permission

By Our Correspondent
November 10, 2023
PTI workers hoist their party flags at a public gathering in this undated picture. — AFP/File
PTI workers hoist their party flags at a public gathering in this undated picture. — AFP/File

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will hold a public rally in Karachi on November 12, said party’s information secretary for the city, Falak Almas, on Thursday.

Almas criticized the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan and Pakistan Peoples Party, saying that these parties caused Karachi’s moral decline. She claimed that previous rulers of the city focused on filling their own pockets.

The PTI official said that the Sindh government did not delegate powers to the local bodies and ignored Karachi. She added that the funds allocated for the city’s development were looted through corruption.

She asserted that Karachi needed a strong voice that could openly address the issues of the city residents. She said that PTI advocated for special development funds and federal schemes for Karachi at assembly floors.

Almas said that PTI initiated the cleaning of Karachi’s three major drains to save the city from drowning like it did during the rains in the past. She said that her party also introduced Green Line public transport service for citizens.

She said the political parties that ruled Karachi in the past turned the city into a hotbed of problems, which included declining healthcare and municipal facilities as well as a degrading environment.

She identified increasing traffic jams and informal settlements as two major issues plaguing Karachi, saying that these issues exacerbated several social problems in the city. She said the PTI’s November 12 gathering in Karachi would be attended by the city residents, business community, students, doctors, lawyers and people from others walks of life who are concerned for the well-being of the city.

The PTI official said that the gathering would send a message to their political rivals that Karachi has awakened and would not fall for their false promises again during the upcoming general election.

She said that politically motivated actions against PTI would only increase its popularity among masses. It is pertinent to mention that the authorities concerned have yet not granted permission to the party for its scheduled public rally.