Tuesday December 05, 2023

Drive against electricity thieves

September 23, 2023

Rs61.31m recovered from 1,126 defaulters on 10th day


LAHORE:The Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco), in collaboration with Tehsildars (Recovery), has recovered Rs61.31 million from 1,126 chronic defaulters in all its circles on the 10th day of its recovery campaign.

A spokesman told the media here on Friday that Chief Engineer O&M (T&G) Zafar Iqbal, with the support of Tehsildar City Mujahid Zia and Tehsildar Shalimar Noreez Humayun, recovered outstanding dues of Rs4.29 million from 129 defaulters in Northern Circle and Rs35.62 million from 117 defaulters in Eastern Circle, respectively.

Similarly, Lesco Manager (Material Disposal) Engineer Anwar Wattoo, along with Tehsildar Model Town Rana Arsal and Tehsildar Cantt Sajjad Qureshi, recovered Rs3.75 million from 129 defaulters in Central Circle and Rs1.64 million from 68 defaulters in South Circle, while Manager (Technical) Engineer Muhammad Farooq, with the assistance of Tehsildar Nankana Sahib Muhammad Iqbal Rasheed and Tehsildar Sheikhupura Muhammad Aslam Gujjar, recovered Rs2.14 million from 78 defaulters in Nankana Circle and Rs2.86 million from 79 defaulters in Sheikhupura Circle.

He added that Lesco Manager E&S (PMU) Engineer Abbas Ali, in collaboration with Naib Tehsildar Kasur and Okara Mirza Zahid Baig, recovered outstanding dues of Rs1.89 million from 127 defaulters in Okara Circle and Rs9.12 million from 399 defaulters in Kasur Circle. Lesco, with the help of Tehsildars (Recovery), recovered a total of Rs291.85 million from 9,100 chronic defaulters in its all circles of operation until now. He elaborated that Lesco recovered outstanding dues of Rs34.01 million from 985 defaulters in Northern Circle; Rs84.04 million from 1,181 defaulters in Eastern Circle; Rs40.91 million from 1,121 defaulters in Central Circle; Rs17.70 million from 684 defaulters in South Circle, Rs13.16 million from 550 defaulters in Nankana Circle; Rs29.35 million from 885 defaulters in Sheikhupura Circle; Rs18.54 million from 1,275 defaulters in Okara Circle and Rs54.14 million from 2,419 defaulters in Kasur Circle.

For the recovery campaign started on September 13, the Lahore Division’s Commissioner had assigned additional charge of Tehsildar Recovery (from Lesco defaulters) to relevant Tehsildars, while Lesco CEO Engineer Shahid Haidar has also designated four senior officers to assist them in the dues recovery from defaulters. He said that the company is facing loss due to dead defaulters, and vowed to continue action against them.