Thursday November 30, 2023

PNCA hosts calligraphy workshop

September 22, 2023

Islamabad:The Pakistan National Council of the Arts hosted a one-day calligraphy workshop on its premises here on Thursday.

The workshop conducted by noted calligrapher M Ashraf Heera was an opportunity for artists, students, and calligraphy enthusiasts to delve into the artistry of calligraphy with a focus on the 'Kufi script’ and more, according to organisers. They said calligraphy was a timeless art form that combined the elegance of design with the precision of handwriting and that it was a visual representation of culture and heritage, reflecting the rich history and traditions of Pakistan. M. Ashraf Heera, a skilled and celebrated calligrapher, shared his expertise and passion for this art form with participants.

The workshop began with an overview of different types of materials and techniques involved. Ashraf gave a demo of what he's to teach including ‘kufi’ script before the commencement of the workshop and guided the participants throughout. The organisers said the PNCA was committed to promoting Pakistani art on both local and international scales.

They said the council's programmes presenting the traditional and contemporary art practices reflected upon the excellence and cultural diversity of Pakistan as well as support professional development of the artists. The organisers said the PNCA was committed to promoting significant aspects of the country, encouraged community participation in gallery activities, fostering curatorial practice to artist's own understanding of their work, and encouraged a healthy and sustainable local arts industry. They added that the council had maintained a range of regionally focused visual arts exhibitions featuring both nationally and internationally recognised artists.