Saturday July 13, 2024

Lyari extortionists demand Rs5,000 a week from each timber market shop owner

By Our Correspondent
September 17, 2023

The notorious Lyari gang war extortionists have rekindled their illegal activities, pressuring timber merchants within the Timber Market, located in the Old City area of Karachi, to pay exorbitant protection money.

Members of the Lyari gang war's Taju group have set their sights on the Timber Market, demanding a hefty sum of five thousand rupees per shop, per week, from the already beleaguered shopkeepers. These menacing individuals have resorted to threats, instilling fear among the Timber Market's proprietors, coercing them into compliance under the guise of protection.

In response to this situation, the All Pakistan Timber Traders Association filed an application at the Napier Police Station on Saturday, registering their protest against the Lyari gang war suspects. The shopkeepers had made a fervent appeal to the local police and higher-ranking officials to take immediate action against these menacing members of the Lyari gang war. The police had merely acknowledged the request, falling short of initiating a formal case.

A copy of the application, obtained by The News, revealed the association's dire concern, stating a group of individuals purporting to be affiliated with the Lyari gang war, self-identifying as the 'Taju Group,' descended upon the Timber Market. Their presence was devoid of any legitimate purpose; instead, it was marred by their extortionist ambitions, demanding Rs5,000 as protection money from the shop owners.

The association implored authorities to take all necessary measures, ensuring the safety and security of the market's shop owners, vendors, and visitors. Furthermore, they emphasised the urgent need for an increased police presence in and around the market area to deter any further criminal activities.