Tuesday May 30, 2023

Revolutionary leader Jam Saqi paid tributes on fifth death anniversary

By Our Correspondent
March 06, 2023

HYDERABAD: Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto used to talk about the dervish-like manner and the simplicity of Comrade Jam Saqi, said Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Taj Haider while addressing an event organised by the revolutionary leader’s colleagues at the Hyderabad Press Club in connection with his fifth death anniversary.

Talking about the 2017 census, the senator said Sindh’s population had been greatly reduced in it, adding that now a fresh population count was being carried out. He said the working paper of the 2017 census and that of the current population count are the same.

He added that a working group was formed for the census, but not a single representative of Sindh was included in it. “Currently, there are more than 34 constituencies in Sindh where the number of voters is more than the population.”

Former student leader Prof Imdad Chandio said on the occasion that Saqi’s struggle will have a high place in political literature and history. Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party Chairman Dr Qadir Magsi said Saqi struggled to write voter lists in Sindhi.

Awami Workers Party leader Comrade Bakhshal Thalho said Saqi’s movement, struggle and ideology are an asset for us. Sindh Farmers Committee President Samar Haider Jatoi said Saqi’s struggle was for the working class and the prosperity of Sindh.

He claimed that there is a conspiracy to turn Sindhis into a minority in the digital census. He said that there is no separate section for foreigners in the census, adding that plans are afoot to hand over Sindh to foreigners who are attacking the youth of Sindh.

PPP leader and chief minister’s adviser Virji Kolhi, writer Amar Sindhu and senior journalist Iqbal Malah said Saqi was a good fighter and the winner of the Shahi Fort of Lahore.

They said he was a lover of ideological politics and a leader of the revolutionary struggle whose politics was for the oppressed nations, classes and workers, but now that politics had been taken hostage, so it needed to be revived.

Saqi’s daughter Bakhtawar Jam said the revolutionary leader connected his politics with the earth. She said Saqi was the son of a labourer who did not have big cars and bungalows, so he unfortunately did not get the recognition he should, but we believe that the people of Sindh have love for him.