Saturday April 01, 2023

Hard choices

February 05, 2023

In addition to illegal logging, land conversion for agriculture is also a major contributor to deforestation in Balochistan. The province is in a quagmire with no good ways out. As its population grows, there is a need to boost the region’s capacity to feed people. However, clearing trees causes a plethora of environmental problems including more severe flooding. It is as if the province must choose between starving and drowning. Another factor contributing to deforestation in Balochistan is the construction of infrastructure projects, such as roads, pipelines, and power plants. These projects often involve the clearing of large areas of forest. Again, the province is in dire need of modern infrastructure but it seems as though it can only obtain it by damaging the environment.

This is a complex issue with no easy solutions. Addressing the problem will require a concerted effort from the government, local communities, and other stakeholders to enforce laws against illegal logging, promote sustainable land-use practices and invest in reforestation efforts.

Abdul Qadir Gichki