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FTO urges to lodge tax complaints

By Our Correspondent
November 26, 2022

KARACHI: Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) Asif Mahmood Jah has urged the business community of Karachi to contact with the FTO office without any hesitation for solving tax related problems, a statement said on Friday.

He said that in a meeting with a delegation of North Karachi Association of Trade and Industry (NKATI), led by Syed Tariq Rasheed, former NKATI chairman and its present chairman tax committee Shaukat Ismail.

During his visit to Karachi, Jah discussed tax related issues faced by the business community, and underscored that the details of the tax related problems should be sent to the FTO office. He also urged to register the tax cases online.

"Business community's tax related cases will be resolved on priority basis after hearing within 60 days. However, the applicant has to appear himself, and don't even need a lawyer, so the business community can benefit from this facility."

Syed Tariq Rasheed, while appreciating the initiatives of the FTO, said there was a need to provide awareness about the functionality of the FTO office among businesses.

The NKATI delegation and the FTO also agreed to have an awareness session for the members of NKATI, through which the business community would be made aware of the procedures to resolve tax-related issues and explain how tax related issues could be resolved through the FTO office.