Tuesday September 26, 2023

Ready to face Imran Khan in court: Shahzeb Khanzada

Shahzeb Khanzada welcomed Imran Khan’s threat to move to court against him and Geo over the Toshakhana transactions, saying he would be happy to reply to him in the court as well

By News Desk
November 17, 2022
Shahzeb Khanzada (left) and Imran Khan. The News/File
Shahzeb Khanzada (left) and Imran Khan. The News/File

ISLAMABAD: Geo News anchor Shahzeb Khanzada Wednesday welcomed PTI chief Imran Khan’s threat to move to court against him and Geo over the Toshakhana transactions, saying he would be happy to reply to him in the court as well.

Welcoming Imran’s statement, Shahzeb tweeted, “Thank you Khan sb for taking the legal route for once. My program is available for you to give your version but I’m happy to reply to you in the court as well. In the meantime, please answer these questions that you have been running away from since 2019.

“We always run a story after complete investigation. It isn’t our responsibility to find out to whom the gifts were sold; it is Imran Khan’s responsibility to tell the people,” Shahzeb said. Berating the former prime minister, Shahzeb said every time he hosted a show regarding PTI, he made sure that the party’s leaders were invited, but they never showed up.

“We will face the PTI chairman in any court he wants to go,” he said. Shahzeb said every time Farah Gogi faced some accusation, Imran Khan rushed to her defence. “He thinks it his obligation to rush to Farah Gogi’s defence whenever she faces some accusation.”

Talking to Geo News, Shahzeb asked Imran Khan to answer the following questions.

Q1: Why a person whom he brands a fraud has the gifts of Pakistan?

Imran Khan terms Umar Farooq a fraud, but even a bigger question stares him in the face because if he is terming Umar a fraud, then why did he sell him the wristwatch? This is a matter serious than the interview. Has he admitted that these are not the gifts that had been bestowed upon him by Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman?

Q2: If the gifts were not sold to Umar Farooq, then to whom? No matter at whatever price the watch was sold, where is the banking transaction? Where is the money trail? It is not possible that a prime minister sells gifts and that too in hard cash. Point out the man the watch has been sold to. Why the gifts were sold for $2 million through Farah Gogi?

Q3: Was the money brought to Pakistan after the gifts were sold? Why were the transactions shown as nearly Rs60 million and not Rs280 million?

Q4: According to your viewpoint, if you have bought a pen studded with 1,000 diamonds for Rs1,500,000, then tell us if there is any diamond in the world that sells for just Rs1,000.

Q5: Imran is reluctant to name the person whom he sold the wristwatch. He should tell the nation the buyer’s name. Khan Sahib asks why we put him questions. Asking questions is our right and he should answer them.

Q6: Toshakhana scandal came to the surface during Imran-led PTI government but Imran did his best to hide the details. In order to save himself from embarrassment, he invented the excuses that disclosures might annoy the friendly countries.

Q7: Former minister Faisal Vawda released a picture yesterday in which he is accompanied by Umar Farooq and some Saudi officials. Faisal says they met the Saudi officials on Imran’s directions. Some other pictures of the PTI leaders have also come out owing Imran Khan an explanation.