Sunday December 10, 2023

Process to modernise police force begins in interior of Sindh

November 13, 2022

Under the vision of Sindh police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon to upgrade the department on modern lines, a training session took place in Mirpurkhas Range for betterment of investigation and use of scientific and technical facilities.

Moreover, chairing a meeting at his office on Friday, he ordered the installation of CCTV cameras at toll plazas and highways.

Officials said on Friday Mirpurkhas DIG Zulfikar Ali Mahar, chief of Mirpurkhas Range, held a seminar on the training of investigative police officers to improve investigation skills, develop them on modern lines and harmonise them with scientific and technical facilities.

Crime scene units have been established in all the districts of Mirpurkhas Range to catch the suspects.

The training session was held at the police complex, Mirpurkhas. The session was attended by the Mirpurkhas SSP, the district public prosecutor, the deputy district public prosecutor, medico-legal officers Dr Anil Kumar and Dr Iqra Rehman, and range investigation officers participated.

District Public Prosecutor Chaudhry Khizar Hayat, while addressing the participants, pointed out the problems encountered during the investigation process and various errors in the investigation process. He discussed with the participants how to conduct an investigation when a crime is committed, or how the crime scene is preserved as the first step of investigation.

Medico-legal officer Dr Anil Kumar told the seminar about the problems faced by the medico-legal and investigation officers dealing with various crimes and their solutions. He informed the participants about the usefulness of DNA. He said all modern facilities, including the DNA test, should be utilised for the identification of unknown bodies and the investigation of other important criminal cases.

Incharge Digital Investigation Cell Inspector Ghulam Hussain briefed the participants on mobile phone records and geo-fencing and other technologies. He also informed them about its usefulness during the investigation.

DIG Zulfiqar Ali Mahar said they had to increase their capacity to bring the accused involved in various crimes behind bars. Only by removing the flaws in the investigation and investigation process can the accused be easily punished.

He told the participants that by comparing the genetic code in DNA, it is determined whether there is any blood relationship between two people, because DNA is found in every part of the body, from the skin to the heart, and a diagnostic sample can be taken from anywhere from blood to bones. He talked about the importance of modern technology during the investigation and said the arrest of the killer of young Zainab in Kasur was also possible with the help of modern technology.

The DIG said crime scene units had been established in all the districts of Mirpurkhas Range to catch suspects.

IGP Memon took a decision to install high megapixel cameras at all toll plazas of the province and also formed a committee regarding the installation of cameras.

Officials said the use of modern technology against crime had become a necessity of the time, so it must be adapted to the requirements of the modern age to bring the criminal elements, their gangs and patrons to justice.

Memon issued these orders as he chaired a meeting regarding the installation of high-resolution cameras at all toll plazas. He said the purpose of installation of high megapixel cameras along the internal and external routes of all 40 toll plazas, including the toll plaza on the route from Karachi to Jacobabad, Kashmore, the tri-junction border, Hub River Road to Balochistan, was not only to monitor the movement of illegal vehicles, suspects and suspicious persons, but also to make successful immediate and timely police action on the information received in this regard.

The IGP ordered the formation of a committee consisting of representatives from the CPLC, the IT project director and others and to be headed by the CTD additional IG for the installation of cameras.

The IT DIG informed the meeting about measures like TORs, solutions and geo-location involving the installation of modern cameras. The meeting was attended by the CTD additional IG, the DIG Headquarters Sindh, the finance DIG, the AIG of admin, IT project director and NED University representatives.