Saturday January 28, 2023

Police hold meeting to review, upgrade security measures in red zone

November 01, 2022

After receiving orders from Sindh police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon to upgrade security and review security measures in the red zone, especially for Chinese nationals, a meeting was held at the District Police City office on Monday.

Officials said that a meeting on crime was held at the complex in the SSP City Office. The meeting was led by SSP City Shabbir Ahmed, and attended by SDPOs, SHOs and head officers.

The SSP City sought a report from the SDPOs and the SHOs on the progress made in serious cases during the last one month. He directed that Chinese residences should be declared as voluntary establishments by a committee formed under the Sindh Security Vulnerability Establishment Act, and directed the SHOs to install CCTV cameras at their residences and offices.

He said that instructions should be given on important points related to the security of more Chinese nationals, patrolling outside banks should be increased and the security of banks should be further tightened.

Necessary instructions were also issued as regards the Shaheen Force, combing operations, targeted operations, narcotics, street crime, patrolling, snap checking, the use of the Talaash device, and the deployment and performance of the personnel.

The SSP said that the number of Shaheen Force personnel should be increased, walkie-talkies should be provided to them, and the use of bulletproof jackets should also be ensured. He issued instructions to ensure the deployment of personnel and the installation of CCTV cameras in sensitive locations.

Moreover, he said the daily diary will be checked, so every major and minor crime should be lodged, and if a plaintiff does not want an FIR to be filed, it should still be written and the plaintiff’s record should be kept. He ordered completing register No. 4 within a week and submit a report.

He also said the suspects involved in recent incidents and absconding suspects should be arrested as soon as possible, while action against active criminals, dacoits and drug peddlers should be intensified.

SSP Ahmed ordered a targeted operation against those who injure civilians during robberies. He demanded working faster on the collection and detection of CCTV camera footage and making the action against the accused effective with the help of the footage.

He said that strict legal action will be taken against the officers and employees who show incompetence in the line of duty.

Moreover, he added, the SHO should reach in time to collect CCTV camera footage of any incident, and with the help of it ensure the identification and arrest of the accused, prepare a list of CCTV cameras in sensitive locations and ensure their timely installation.

The SSP said action should be intensified on the FIRs and a list provided that mentions the names of drug dealers and suppliers. He said that no SHO will leave the police station, and in case of leaving, they will inform their superiors.

On Sunday a high-level law and order meeting at the Central Police Office that was chaired by IGP Memon had discussed matters related to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects, the upcoming defence exhibition in Karachi, the distribution of the Talaash devices and the police investigation department.

Officials said the IGP issued relevant instructions after it was unanimously decided to make the security of the experts and Chinese staff associated with various CPEC projects in the province foolproof in accordance with the contingency plan.

The police chief said the police force should also access Chinese sponsors, stakeholders and representatives in the province outside the CPEC, and raise awareness regarding ensuring the security of Chinese nationals and other foreigners in accordance with the standard operating procedure (SOP).

He said security responsibilities of Chinese nationals in non-CPEC projects would be assigned directly to the respective sponsors in accordance with the SOP. He instructed all the district SSPs to prepare lists of Chinese nationals working in the province from security’s point of view, and mention the details of their sponsors.