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Prince Andrew security 'terrified' of royal's 'unpleasant character'

Prince Andrew’s former security recently recalled the horrors of working for the 'terrifying' royal

By Web Desk
October 03, 2022

Prince Andrew security terrified of royals unpleasant character
Prince Andrew security 'terrified' of royal's 'unpleasant character'

Prince Andrew's former security recently admitted that the staff was "terrified” of member of the royal family.

During his conversation with the Daily Express, Philipp Grindell shared that the staff once allowed a random woman, claiming to be Andrew’s fiancée, to wander around the Royal Lodge at Windsor.

Philip, who founded the security firm Defuse, told the outlet that the staff didn’t ask the woman to show her ID because they were scared to upset the prince.

He further added about the incident, which reportedly took place in April this year, “Prince Andrew is a pain in the (expletive) and if you have ever worked with him, is an unpleasant character and the security was terrified of asking him ‘is anyone turning up?”

“And because they did not want to upset him, no one asked and they assumed he must have an appointment and let her in.

“When I heard this it became blatantly obvious that the security involved were in the same position with Prince Andrew as I was 20 years ago, in that they were too frightened to question unidentified female visitors as it would always end in him abusing us for stopping them.

Philip added: “This is a classic example of what we feared would happen one day.”