Monday December 11, 2023

Moment Princess Diana knew her marriage to Charles 'was over': Butler

Princess Diana and King Charles filed for divorce in 1996

By Web Desk
September 22, 2022

Princess Diana was devastated over  King Charles heartless confession the night Prince Harry was born.

The Princess of Wales knew her marriage would not last, despite hoping Harry would be a building bridge between her and the 73-year-old.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl reveals: "By the time when Prince Harry was born in 1984, he was born into an unhappy marriage and I think Diana hoped he would be the bandaid to keep the marriage together."

Meanwhile, her former butler Paul Burell reveals: "After Harry was born, the Prince of Wales come to the room that night to look at the baby in the cot. He commented on his red hair, she said but Charles that's the Spencer gene. Then he said, well, at least I've got my heir and spare and now, I'm off out to the theatre.

“I could see the cracks in the marriage getting wider and wider," Diana told Paul.

“Diana confided in me that on the night Harry was born, she cried herself to sleep. She said, ‘I knew my marriage was over,’" he futehr shared

Prince Charles told Diana his duty as a husband was “done”.

He added: “He’d provided the country with an ‘heir and a spare’, and could now resume his relationship with Miss Camilla Parker Bowles.”