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Amber Heard constant 'squinting' in new interview explained: Expert

Amber Heard 'squinting' defined by body language expert

By Web Desk
June 17, 2022

Amber Heard body language is new interview is explained by expert.

Speaking to Savannah Guthrie on Today Show, the Aquaman actor revealed her feelings after the verdict.

In response to Guthrie's question if the verdict has 'sunk in,' Heard after a brief pause admitted that the feeling is 'surreal'.

Speaking about the gesture, Jesus Enrique Rosas said: "There is some smile in their like she is trying to project that there is no big deal about this, I can overcome this, I'm stronger this."

He continued: "She is also squinting, that could be a bit of anger."

"She has shown quite a bit of signals. Right after she heard the first question, she looked away and down like she is trying to find words. We are used to see Amber going histrionic so I do not want to look at the interview with that bias."

When asked if she stands with her accusations against Johnny Depp, Heard responded: "Of course, till my dying day."

Speaking of this gesture, Jesus added: " She says of course but she swings her head from one side to another. Be careful with that. Most English speaking countries have this trait where they use this gesture to emphasise the concept.

"Not always you are doing this and you are saying no. She might not be lying. It is not a contradiction," noted the expert.