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Piers Morgan flays 'hypocrite' Meghan Markle over humiliatiing royal comeback

Piers Morgan mocks Meghan Markle being booed outside church

By Web Desk
June 04, 2022
Piers Morgan flays hypocrite Meghan Markle over humiliatiing royal comeback
Piers Morgan flays 'hypocrite' Meghan Markle over humiliatiing royal comeback

Piers Morgan is taking yet another opportunity to hurl criticism at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Speaking about the Sussexes being booed outside St Paul's Cathedral on Friday, the former GMB host accused the couple of making the Jubilee 'all about themselves.'

"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the southern English county that I come from, incidentally, where they've spent precisely three hours, are a pair of undignified, whiney, hypocritical virtue-signalling, selfish wastrels.

"The privacy demanding, poverty preaching carbon-conscious couple will fly 5,000 miles, spilling 1.5 metric tones of CO2 emissions, accompanied of course by the Netflix documentary camera crew recording their Kardashian-style, reality show.

"The emissions of most concern to me, however, are the other noxious toxic fumes they will inevitably emit from the moment they land here and make the jubilee all about themselves.

"And I'm already shuddering at how this fame-hungry duo will hijack the headlines from the woman who should be given them purely to cement their rival royal brand."

Piers later shared an article claiming the Sussex were given a cold welcome at the event, inviting twitter criticism.

He was met with angry fans who slammed him for going in on the couple again.

"It was televised. No one was booing for Harry and Meghan. Why link to an article that is blatantly being untruthful?" a user declared.

"Simply untrue. As well you know," wrote one.

"Except they weren't. Boris was," a third commented.