Wednesday December 01, 2021

Prince Charles, William urged to ‘stop dropping bombs’ as it may ‘alienate people’

Prince Charles, Prince William issued a plea to ‘stop dropping’ bombs that might alienate people from heirs

By Web Desk
October 17, 2021

Prince Charles and Prince William have been urged by royal experts to stop dropping bombs that may alienate them from other people.

This warning has been issued by royal expert Caroline Aston and during her interview with GB News, she was quoted saying, “The Queen is green! Over the years she has taken a lot of trouble to ensure that LED bulbs are used. She has cut back on the way power is used in her palace.”

During the course of his interview with the outlet, Ms Aston also admitted that the duo has “become far too political over the years.”

Not only that, “He has written letters to people when he should have kept quiet. There are those of us who think he would have done better to just keep on having conversations with his Begonias!”

“And of course you’re right, the trouble is he is the next monarch. Is he going to carry on dropping word bombs? Then of course his own sons were doing quite a lot of that!”