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Harry Styles earns a lot of stares as singer's Mermaid pictures went viral

Harry Styles is fond of creating ripple over the Internet with her special acts as this time round, the singer is seen dressed as a mermaid in social media posts

By Web Desk
April 18, 2021

American singer Harry Styles has carved out a niche for himself in the music world. However, the singer is also known for creating buzz through her out of the box acts. This time around, he is seen dressed as “The Little Mermaid” with his pics going viral on social media.

In the photos that popped up on Twitter feeds this week, the British music superstar can be seen dressed as a partied-out Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.”

But, Newsweek said it was a photoshoot the 27-year-old singer did for “Saturday Night Live” in November 2019. But, it is not clear why these photos made splashes over social media now.

In December 2019, Harry Styles graced the cover of U.S. Vogue while being dressed in a frothy lace-trimmed full-length gown, created by his friend Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director.

“I like playing dress-up in general,” Harry Styles said at the time. “I’ll go in shops sometimes, and I just find myself looking at the women’s clothes thinking they’re amazing. It’s like anything — anytime you’re putting barriers up in your own life, you’re just limiting yourself.”

However, his cover earned a lot of criticism from conservative voices. The Twitter users came out with their reactions - some showered love and appreciation while others lashed out at the singer.