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Justin Bieber gets candid about the story behind his tattoos

Justin Bieber touches on the meaning behind his many tattoos

By Web Desk
March 23, 2021

 Justin Bieber touches on the meaning behind his many tattoos 

Justin Bieber has put a lot of thought and effort into getting his tattoos, so much so, that each of his tattoo has a deep meaning behind it. 

Getting candid about the meaning behind his tattoos, the Canadian singer told Vogue, “The bear, which I got in New Zealand, represents rest,” Bieber said about his tattoo which sits under his right shoulder. 

“As tough and resilient as a bear is, it always hibernates, which is so important. We as humans go, go, and go without resting and it can leave us exhausted and drained," he added.

“The lion I got done by the tattoo artist Bang Bang, and it represents having a heart of a lion,” Bieber added of the tattoo on the top-left of his chest.

“Being bold, courageous, strong! I also love the bird on my neck that I got from Dr. Woo,” Bieber continued. “It’s a reminder to use the gifts God has given me and give it all I have—to fly above all of the bullshit.”

The Baby singer talked about the religious connotation attached with his tattoos.

"The cross in the middle of my chest is a symbol of my faith, and a reminder of what Jesus endured to rectify all that was broken,” he said, adding, "The rose on my neck from Dr. Woo reminds me that even though I’m flawed, beauty shines even through our rough edges.”