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Scarlett Johansson trades superhero suit for dinosaur adventure

Scarlett Johansson gushed over Jeff Goldblum's message during interview

By Web Desk
July 10, 2024
Scarlett Johansson trades superhero suit for dinosaur adventure

As Scarlett Johansson starts filming the latest Jurassic World instalment, she received a warm welcome from Jeff Goldblum, a veteran of the franchise.

In an interview on NBC's Today, Johansson confessed to being a "huge nerd" for the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World series.

As the conversation with host Savannah Guthrie wrapped up, Johansson was surprised with a special message: "Somebody wanted to welcome you aboard to the team."

When a video of Goldblum was played on air, Johansson's expression changed from mild confusion to a happy smile.

“Dr Johansson, this is Jeff Goldblum,” the veteran actor, donning his trademark glasses and a dinosaur sweater, said to the camera.

“Here’s what I want to say to you. This I know: Scarlett will find a way. Don’t get eaten, unless you want to. I love you.”

Goldblum's iconic line "Life finds a way" from the original 1993 Jurassic Park film has become a hallmark of the franchise.

As Dr Ian Malcolm, a mathematician, Goldblum's character famously uttered this phrase while navigating the chaos of cloned dinosaurs on a remote island.

The role has become synonymous with Goldblum and the Jurassic Park series, with him reprising the character in The Lost World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Johansson gushes, obviously taken aback by the star of one of her favourite film videos.

“I mean, I think my life is complete. It’s done. Yes… done. I can retire. Oh my gosh!” The actor also politely corrected Guthrie’s misstatement of the line when she recalled it as “water finds a way.”