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Channing Tatum keeps dream alive for '21 Jump Street 3'

Channing Tatum shared '21 Jump Street' third movie got 'best script'

By Web Desk
June 25, 2024
Channing Tatum keeps dream alive for '21 Jump Street 3'

Channing Tatum is still hopeful that the 21 Jump Street series will see a third instalment.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Tatum expressed his excitement about a script he read for the prospective sequel that would bring him and co-star Jonah Hill back together.

“There is a project that was written, and it’s still the best script that I’ve ever read for a third movie,” Tatum said.

Sony had been kicking around the concept of a crossover picture combining two of its largest comedic series, Men in Black and 21 Jump Street, since the release of the two highly successful 21 Jump Street films.

Hill would later admit that it was doubtful that the films would be combined.

“I had the idea,” Hill told the Toronto Sun at the time. “But I doubt that movie will get made.”

The 2014 Sony email thefts brought the concept of a Jump Street/Men in Black crossover to the attention of the general public. However, the movie was never completed.

“It’s just a lot of bureaucracy, kind of above-the-line stuff,” Tatum explained. “It’s really hard to get it made, and we’ve been trying to get it done.

“You know what, I’m going to put some good juju out there and I’m going to say I would love to see 23 Jump Street,” Tatum said.

“I would love to do it with Jonah, and Jonah I know wants to do it. We would love to just get to go play again.”

The 2012 comedy grossed over $200 million. The 2014 sequel, 22 Jump Street, opened with $60 million during Father’s Day weekend and grossed $327 million worldwide.