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Jonathan Majors gets emotional after earning Perseverance Award at Unlocked Impact Awards

Jonathan Majors talks about the pain he felt over domestic violence conviction

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June 23, 2024
Jonathan Majors delivers a heartfelt speech at Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards
Jonathan Majors delivers a heartfelt speech at Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards

Jonathan Majors has recently addressed domestic violence conviction during Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards on June 21.

The Creed III actor delivered a heartfelt speech after earning the perseverance award on Friday, saying, “I reckon folks want to know about the last year,” via Daily Mail.

“As a Black man in the criminal justice system, I felt anger, I felt sadness, hurt, surprise. When they snatched me up out of my apartment in handcuffs, I didn’t feel like all that,” said Jonathan.

The Ant-Man actor mentioned, “I didn’t feel like Jonathan Majors, Mr. Creed, Mr. Kang; I felt like a little scared, weak boy.”

“Despite the the support and evidence that was in my favour, I knew it was bad because of who I was and what I am. This is what happens to Black people all too often,” he explained.

Jonathan noted, “The God I serve has put me in a position where I’ve had to embody that word more than I wished or wanted to.”

“We live in a world where men, Black men in particular, are propped up as either superheroes or super villains, but I've come to realise, me personally, I ain't none of that,” said the Devotion actor.

Jonathan stated, “I'm imperfect. I have shortcomings, I acknowledge them. I love my craft.”

“I've sat in that pitch black and what I've learned is that we catch a glimpse of light, you run as hard and as fast as you can towards it,” remarked the Jungleland actor.

Jonathan also thanked his current girlfriend Meagan Good during the speech, adding, “I love you… I love you beyond all limit, with all my strength, with all my heart I love you.”