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Jon Bon Jovi opens up about returning to live music after vocal surgery

Jon Bon Jovi dishes out major health update about recovery

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June 16, 2024
Jon Bon Jovi discusses about his recovery from vocal surgery
Jon Bon Jovi discusses about his recovery from vocal surgery

Jon Bon Jovi has recently shared major update about his recovery from vocal surgery.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Bon Jovi reflected on returning to live music after undergoing vocal cord surgery.

Replying to a question about voice recovery with Bon Jovi’s latest record, Forever, the rock star said, “I guess I am.”

While discussing about performing in front of audience, the musician noted, “We performed last night in Nashville, and everything was very good.”

“So, step by step, I'm getting back to it,” added the father-of-four.

Bon Jovi discussed about vocal cord issues he struggled with in his new docuseries, Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story.

In the documentary, the rocker revealed he started experiencing vocal issues around 2015 but he addressed this problem during his tour in 2022. It was then he went for vocal surgery in June the same year.

Bon Jovi told the outlet that he has been working with vocal coaches and performs daily voice exercises after the surgery.

“Every day is the recovery process,” he remarked.

Elsewhere in the interview, the musician also spoke up about his friend Shania Twain and how she helped him during his health struggles.

“She’s been my spirit sister in this,” stated Bon Jovi about Twain, who also had a vocal fold medialization procedure in 2018.

The musician revealed he turned to Twain because “she's the only other one I've known that's ever had this surgery, with this doctor, and the only reason I found that out is because she reported it in the press”.

In the end, Bon Jovi added, “I’m capable of singing. What I’m not necessarily capable of is two and a half hours a night, four nights a week. But I’m aspiring to get that back.”