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Red Arrows to light up UK skies for Trooping Colour celebration

The Red Arrows will follow a circular route including London

By Web Desk
June 14, 2024
Trooping the Colour celebration will take place on June 8
Trooping the Colour celebration will take place on June 8 

The Red Arrows aerobatic team will soar across the UK's skies this weekend in honor of Trooping the Colour, following a precise route around London and eastern England.

A highlight of the annual celebration, the teams cover long distances between air bases, starting from the East Coast. The final leg of their tour is usually the most spectacular, with pilots trailing colourful smoke behind their aircraft, drawing large crowds.

On June 15, 2024, the pilots will guide their planes over hundreds of miles of land, departing from RAF Waddington in Lincoln around 12:30 pm. Thousands of Brits will have the chance to witness them over approximately 19 destinations before returning to their RAF base.

During their landmark flypast at Buckingham Palace around 1:06 pm, the Royal Family typically gathers on the grand balcony. In recent years, Prince Louis has stolen the show with dramatic reactions to the planes' noisy presence, alongside his more composed siblings and parents.

The lineup for 2024 may differ, as Princess Kate, the Princess of Wales, has not confirmed her attendance due to ongoing preventative cancer treatment. According to the Mirror, she is considering appearing on the balcony "if she feels well enough."

Kensington Palace confirmed that the Princess did not participate in the final dress rehearsal for the King's birthday celebrations on June 8 but did not rule out her attendance at the main event on June 14.