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Jude Law expresses regret for not playing his looks in early 20s

Jude Law reflects on his acting career and also discusses about his son’s career

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June 11, 2024
Jude Law gets candid about ageing: More inside
Jude Law gets candid about ageing: More inside

Jude Law has recently expressed his regret for not playing his looks in the early 20s while looking back at his acting career.

Speaking to DuJour magazine, Jude said, “I didn’t feel like I really ever leaned into playing handsome, but there were roles that required an attractive energy,”

The British actor confessed, “I was trying to play against my looks in my early 20s, and now that I’m saggy and balding, I wish I had played it up.”

Jude, who is currently playing King Henry VIII in upcoming movie Firebrand, discussed about his 27-year-old son Raff’s acting, whom he shares with former wife Sadie Frost.

“I’m thrilled because we get to share our enthusiasm, and I get to give him advice if he wants to hear it,” stated the Holiday actor while talking about his son.

Jude mentioned, “I’m immensely proud that he’s put himself out there because he found something that he loves. He’s obviously seen the way I work, and it’s rubbed off on him.”

However, The Talented Mr. Ripley actor noted he had mixed reactions to Raff following his career path.

“It’s complicated because I’m aware of how hard it is,” explained Jude.

The Alfie actor pointed out, “When I came into this business, I didn’t have the comparison, but with him, people might always say, ‘Oh, you’re just like your dad.’ Which is nonsense.”

“Raff’s career is his career,” he added.