Wednesday July 17, 2024

Lana Del Rey fights back ‘stalkers’ while out in Paris: ‘Don’t follow me!’

Lana Del Rey was caught off guard when she noticed someone recording her while she was out and about

By Web Desk
June 08, 2024
The ‘Summertime Sadness’ hitmaker was with her family when a group of people approached her

Lana Del Rey had a heated encounter in Paris on Friday with a group of “stalkers.”

The 38-year-old singer was caught on video as she exited a store, visibly surprised to see someone recording her.

"Don’t," she exclaimed, trying to grab the phone from the unidentified individual.

In a second video, Del Rey’s frustration escalated as she confronted a larger group, accusing them of following her and her family.

"You followed me with my family! ... Get away from me!" she demanded.

Although she initially walked away, the Summertime Sadness hitmaker quickly returned to emphasise her point, saying, "Oh, you really think this is uncalled for? Don’t follow me! Don’t follow me!"

When someone in the group attempted to calm her down, Del Rey retorted, "I am upset," and reiterated, "Don’t let them follow me."

She further reasoned, "I only have one day here. I work every single day. I have four hours to myself."

The situation grew more intense when a man tried to soothe her by saying, "Don’t scream." In response, she shouted even louder: "Shut up!"

As the videos went viral, Del Rey took to Instagram to express her frustration, claiming the group had threatened to alter the photos to make her look bad. She also labeled them as "stalkers.”