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Prince William reacts to claims Meghan Markle being 'the next Diana'

Prince William thinks 'it’s just as ridiculous for Meghan to be compared to her'

By Web Desk
May 28, 2024
Meghan Markles comparison to Princess Diana left Prince William reeling
Meghan Markle's comparison to Princess Diana left Prince William reeling

Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle, who was compared to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana during her unofficial trip to the African nation, has reportedly left Prince William reeling.

It comes after the Duchess of Sussex wore plain gold necklace very similar to one Diana sported during her and the now King Charles' own trip to Nigeria in 1990. And a second necklace Meghan flaunted, also featuring a diamond cross, was reported to have once belonged to William and Harry's mom.

Insiders claimed Prince William is not happy with the Sussex's actions as they are continuing to go ahead and follow in Diana's footsteps by breaking away from the royal family.

A source told Closer, "William doesn’t want to deprive Harry of the right to celebrate their mother’s legacy. What bothers him is how Meghan’s paraded around as the modern -day version of Diana, he finds that beyond tasteless and offensive, not only to him but also to Kate.

"To add insult to injury, Harry’s not consulted with him about these trips abroad and future plans they’ve apparently got in the works to celebrate Diana’s life and legacy."

As for the comparisons between Meghan and Diana, a source continues: "As far as William’s concerned his mother was one of a kind, he doesn’t go around comparing Kate to her, that would be ridiculous. And he thinks it’s just as ridiculous for Meghan to be compared to her.

"Diana was so humble and didn’t have a self-promoting bone in her body. The spotlight found her and she was forced to contend with it."

Her love of children was the reason she chose to be a nanny and then a school teacher and that became the driving force in the way she lived her life, from the charity work she did, to the way she connected with the public and most of all the way she raised her boys.

"She will always be on a pedestal in William’s eyes, it’s no wonder he bristles at the idea of Meghan being held up as a modern day Diana. The last thing Diana wanted was attention, she was so humble and genuinely shy, she didn’t need fanfare, or to be validated. 

"That’s why everyone was so taken with her, she was the opposite of a fame-seeker, everything she did just came straight from her heart. Whereas a lot of people, rightly or wrongly, see Meghan as someone who really craves and pursues the spotlight. The feeling amongst a lot of people is that she goes out of her way to make things about her."

Harry has even compared Meghan to his late mother publicly, saying in the couple's Netflix documentary in 2022, "So much of what Meghan is, and how she is, is so similar to my mum. She has the same compassion, she has the same empathy, she has the same confidence. She has this warmth about her."