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Demi Moore addresses Channing Tatum's Ghost remake

Demi Moore praises Channing Tatum for his creative talent in a new interview

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May 28, 2024
Demi Moore shares her two cents on Channing Tatums Ghost remake
Demi Moore shares her two cents on Channing Tatum's Ghost remake

Demi Moore has recently opened up about Channing Tatum's Ghost remake.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Moore, who starred in the original movie in 1990, revealed she has not heard from Tatum but she's keen to see his take on this movie.

"Channing is super talented," said the 61-year-old while promoting her horror movie The Substance at the Cannes Film Festival.

Moore stated, "I’d be curious to see what he decides to do."

Addressing upcoming remake, the Indecent Proposal actress remarked, "Look, every story in some ways has already been told."

"The wonderful thing is the different way things can be reinterpreted," she continued.

Moore told EW, "I think there are some films that often are better left not touched and then sometimes there are wonderful surprises in that reinterpretation."

Earlier in February 2023, Tatum shared that his production company, Free Association, had obtained the rights to the movie in an interview with Vanity Fair.

"We're going to do something different," added the Magic Mike's Last Dance star regarding Ghost remake.

Tatum noted, "I think the story needs to change a little bit."