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Prince Harry's attempt to defame King Charles backfires

The Duke of Sussex has been accused of playing a victim during his recent UK trip

By Web Desk
May 24, 2024
Prince Harrys attempt to defame King Charles backfires
Prince Harry's attempt to defame King Charles backfires

Prince Harry tried to portray his father, King Charles, in a bad light over his decision to stay in a private hotel during his recent UK trip, claimed a royal commentator.

The Duke of Sussex was reportedly offered to stay at royal residencies like St James's Palace, Clarence House or Buckingham Palace. However, the former working royal declined the offer due to security reasons.

Now, royal expert Jennie Bond told OK! magazine that she finds it "very hard to buy the argument that Harry wouldn’t feel safe in a royal residence."

She added, "They are heavily guarded, as you would expect and there are usually several ways of getting in and out of palaces and castles, so he wouldn’t necessarily have to be seen."

Jennie claimed that the Duke tried to make him look like a victim 'once again' and portrayed the Monarch in a bad light.

The royal expert called out Harry and said that Prince William's brother has been 'seeking sympathy' with the victim's behaviour. 

"'Poor me! I have nowhere to stay. My family won’t put me up. So I have to book into a hotel, even though I am a prince!' I’m afraid it smacks of seeking sympathy," Jennie shared.