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Zac Brown’s estranged wife Kelly Yazdi won’t be ‘silenced’ after restraining order

Kelly Yazdi reacts to Zac Brown’s restraining order request in lengthy social media message

By Web Desk
May 21, 2024
Kelly Yazdi responds to Zac Browns lawsuit
Kelly Yazdi responds to Zac Brown's lawsuit 

Zac Brown’s estranged wife Kelly Yazdi responded to singer’s filing for a temporary restraining order.

Yazdi, 32, hit back at Brown’s lawsuit on Sunday, May 19, taking to social media with a long message.

“No one — not even Zac Brown with all of his money, power, celebrity, and lawyers may silence my right to freely express myself through art or, although I have to date declined to do so publicly, to speak about the circumstances of our pending divorce,” Yazdi captioned a video post on Instagram.

Yazdi’s response comes after Brown, 45, filed a legal motion for Yazdi to remove one of her Instagram posts.

“I intend to respond swiftly and robustly to his meritless complaint that publication of two poems on my personal social media account divulged any ‘confidential information’ about his business, much less authorizes a court to enjoin me from speaking about matters in my personal life that have nothing to do with my brief former work for the Zac Brown Collective, Inc,” she continued.

Yazdi also said that she didn’t want to react to the “unnecessary” and “legally meritless” filing at first.

“I have made no public response to either of those very public, very unnecessary personal attacks on me by my celebrity soon-to-be-ex-husband,” she wrote.

“But it is clearly Zac, not me, who has strategically chosen to drag our difficult divorce negotiations into the public eye with these tactics in an effort to portray himself as a victim and to use his vast resources to silence me from telling the truth about our marriage.”

She ended her caption by writing, “It will not work, and I will not be silenced by him no matter how ridiculous his tactics. Like Zac, I have lawyers too, and I will tell my truth in court — where he has unnecessarily dragged me.”