Friday June 14, 2024

Paris Hilton vows to 'save pop music'

Paris Hilton dropped major news in a magazine shoot

By Web Desk
May 20, 2024
Paris Hilton steals the show with a chic outfit
Paris Hilton steals the show with a chic outfit

Paris Hilton recently revealed her plans to reboot her pop career with her second studio album, scheduled to release in June 2024.

Speaking to Canadian Mag Fashion, Hilton said: "I'm here to save pop music. It has everything. It’s very popcentric, obviously, but it also has love songs, dance music and a few ballads."

The development comes after the socialite graced the 2024 Grammy Awards red carpet and revealed her plans for a new album. 

At the event, the Stars Are Blind hit-maker shared that musician Sia would be producing her album. 

Meanwhile, in the magazine shoot, the socialite wowed fans with her stunning looks as the 43-year-old model looked flawless, posing in a pink handkerchief top and bikini bottoms with a set of pink shades.

In other photos, Hilton donned a purple ensemble with sparkling silver chunky stilettos.

Fans took to the comments to pour in their reactions. 

One fan commented: "Love this!! You look so good in purple!!!!"

While, another gushed: "Thank you so much SLIVING Legend!! I had such a blast! You really are THE BEST!! You are THE WHOLE MOODBOARD."

A third chimed in, adding: "You hotter than you have ever been baby!! love you."