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King Charles makes emotional statement with secret message to Prince Harry

King Charles issues powerful statement to seemingly correct Prince Harry's thoughts to being him back to the track

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May 20, 2024
King Charles releases major statement ahead of his visit to France
King Charles releases major statement ahead of his visit to France

King Charles III, who did not meet his estranged son Harry during his UK trip, has seemingly sent a secret message to the Duke in his new major statement on the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino.

In his emotional statement, read by the Duchess of Edinburgh at the Service of Commemoration at Cassino War Cemetery in Italy, the King highlighted the sacrifices made by so many for the cause of freedom in Europe.

It seems as there's also a secret message for Prince Harry, who's said to be in stressful situation since his father denied to meet him due to his busy diary.

The King, according to some, tried to correct Harry's thoughts to bring him back to the track with his words, as he  stated: "Coming together to honour the fallen on this hallowed ground, reminds us that the rights and freedoms we enjoy today were won at a great cost, and bring with them great responsibilities for our generations and those yet unborn. Such sacrifice can never be forgotten."

Princess Sophie also gests emotional while reading he message from the 75-year-old King as she began: "Eighty years ago, the Battle of Monte Cassino concluded with an Allied victory which opened the Road to Rome and marked the beginning of the end for the occupation of Italy. The actions of the courageous men and women who achieved success here were vital to enabling the landings in Normandy a few weeks later."

In his major statement the king also mentioned Camilla, saying: On behalf of my wife and myself, I send special warmest wishes and prayers on this solemn occasion of remembrance and commemoration."