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‘Bridgerton’ season 3 honours Princess Diana in subtle detail

‘Bridgerton’ appears to find a sweet connection with the late Princess Diana

By Web Desk
May 16, 2024
‘Bridgerton’ season 3 honours Princess Diana in subtle detail
‘Bridgerton’ season 3 honours Princess Diana in subtle detail 

Bridgerton seemingly gave a subtle tribute to late Princess Diana in its latest season on Netflix.

Florence Hunt, who plays Hyacinth Bridgerton in the series, told People Magazine that the one of her dresses was crafted form a “cut off” of a gown, once worn by the Princess of Wales herself.

“I wore this beautiful blue dress, and I believe it was a cut off from Princess Diana’s dress that she wore at some point,” Hunt, 17, told the outlet at the New York City premiere.

“A cut off from one of her dresses that they made for Princess Diana and they made a dress out of that fabric, which was mental. It’s crazy, yeah.”

She also added that the dress was one of her favourites from the season for her character.

Hunt also shared that the wardrobe team on the show was kind enough to “let me keep a little piece of the fabric” after filming.

“I just thought it was amazing. I felt like I was wearing a piece of history,” she enthused.

While it is uncertain exactly which gown of Diana’s Hunt was referring to, but the late Princess was known for her many iconic looks.