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‘Agatha All Along’: Cast recounts fond memories with Aubrey Plaza

‘Agatha All Along’ is the spinoff of Marvel's series, 'WandaVision'

By Web Desk
May 16, 2024
‘Agatha All Along’: Cast recounts fond memories with Aubrey Plaza

The cast members of Agatha All Along spilled some adoring moments with Aubrey Plaza.

On Tuesday, May 14, at the Disney upfront event in New York City, the cast, Kathryn Hahn, Joe Locke and Patti LuPone, revealed to People magazine about Plaza was a prank queen on the set.

LuPone, 75, recalled an incident that after a long day he once requested for the “Equity cot”, a small bed, for the whole cast to rest on between the takes.

The trio also disclosed about the film sight that it was set up in a tent on the soundstage and they didn't have time to go back and rest in breaks.

"One day, Aubrey had schemed with the props guys to put a champagne bucket and rose petals on the floor in the tent," Locke, 20, shared before LuPone amended, "[next] to the Equity cot."

"That was awesome," Hahn, 50, said of Plaza's prank. "[It was] leading to the cot."

"We all used it. We didn't get to go back to our trailers. We were in a tent in a soundstage with an Equity cot. And you would just hear the cackling from outside," she continued as LuPone added that they would "rotate lying down."

"We wouldn't all be on the cot at once," Hahn went into details.

The series' star cast includes Hahn, Locke, LuPone, Plaza and Sasheer Zamata. The movie is a spinoff to WandaVision, Marvel’s critically acclaimed series.

Agatha All Along’s first two episodes will premiere on Disney+ on September 18.