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Kevin Costner's ex Christine Baumgartner's PDA with Josh Connor signals fresh chapter

Kevin Costner addresses production challenges and feud rumors with Taylor Sheridan

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May 16, 2024
Christine Baumgartner steps out with new beau after showbiz struggles.
Christine Baumgartner steps out with new beau after showbiz struggles.

Just days after Kevin Costner's remarks about their divorce ordeal, Christine Baumgartner, appeared enjoying her first public display of affection with her new beau, Josh Connor, in Santa Barbara, California. 

Walking hand-in-hand, the couple strolled through the picturesque streets. Wrapping their arms around each other, they shared intimate moments, seemingly basking in their newfound romance. 

Baumgartner sported a stylish white quarter-zip jacket paired with black leggings and white On running sneakers. 

While Josh sported a casual yet stylish ensemble in a black jacket, sweatpants, and white sneakers, accessorized with a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap and matching scarf.

Costner, known for his role in the hit series Yellowstone, opened up about production delays and behind-the-scenes drama, hinting at tensions between himself and series creator Taylor Sheridan.

Amidst rumors and speculation, Costner addressed the show's premature finale and the alleged feud with Sheridan. 

Paramount Studios claimed contract disputes, while Costner asserted his commitment to fulfilling his obligations. "There was no script," he revealed in a recent interview. 

"And then things imploded. You’ve been reading one version of the show's drama for a year and a half."

As Baumgartner moves forward with her life post-divorce, she finds solace in her new relationship.