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King Charles finally forgives Prince Harry?

King Charles and Prince Harry are expected to reunite next week

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May 02, 2024
King Charles finally forgives Prince Harry
King Charles finally forgives Prince Harry

King Charles and Prince Harry could be heading toward reconciliation following the former’s health crisis.

The Duke of Sussex is set to return to his homeland for celebration of 10 years of Invictus Games next week. During the visit, he is expected to have a brief meeting with his father, who is currently getting treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer.

Speaking to Newsweek, U.K.-based royal commentator Afua Hagan claimed the 75-year-old monarch’s ill-health must have proven a “great leveler” for thawing of his relations with his youngest son.

For the unversed, Harry boarded an emergency flight to the UK in February to inquire after his father after being personally informed about his diagnosis.

"When Harry was here just after the king's diagnosis, it was quite a quick meeting so hopefully this time around, the king will have more time and they can spend some time together," Hagan told the outlet. "It will be good for them.

"I think they're probably further past the conflict than we think they are. There's obviously still issues there and there's probably still hurt on both sides but like I said health is a great leveler.

"When things like this happen people are quite good at putting things behind them—'life is too short,' looking to the future and thinking 'where is the way forward from here,'" the royal expert explained.

"I think the king's cancer diagnosis is giving them both an opportunity to draw a line under things that have happened in the past.

"I don't necessarily think there's been a big reckoning and one person's said 'I'm wrong, no I'm wrong.' I think this has just given them a good excuse to just move on," Afua added.