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Prince Harry wins big in US amid court battle

Prince Harry's place in US is safe despite ongoing court case about his US visa

By Web Desk
April 24, 2024
Prince Harry wins big in US amid court battle
Prince Harry wins big in US amid court battle

King Charles III's younger son Prince Harry has reportedly secured the US visa boost as Joe Biden's lawyers made major intervention during a court battle.

The Duke of Sussex has reportedly nothing to fear if Biden remains as the US President, his lawyers have indicated that Harry's place in the country is safe despite an ongoing court case about his US visa.

Harry, who relocated to the US along with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020 following the couple's decision to step down as senior working royals, is facing a court scrutiny about his US residency.

The Heritage Foundation has questioned the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to grant the Duke a US visa after he admitted to taking illegal drugs in his memoir, Spare.

However, Biden administration lawyers have backed a statement from a US ambassador suggesting the President would not look to deport Harry, according to Newsweek.

America's ambassador to the UK Jane Hartley was asked by Sky News presenter Kay Burley whether deportation was a realistic prospect for the royal, to which she replied: "Well, it's not going to happen in the Biden administration."

The Heritage Foundation argued the "extraordinary" remarks amounted to confirmation that "regardless of future circumstances, they will decline to deport Meghan Markle's husband Harry, even in the most extreme of cases."

In reaction to criticism, the Department for Homeland Security has defended Hartley, saying her remark "suggests no government impropriety".

On the other hand, former US president Donald Trump hinted at the possibility he could even deport Prince Harry if elected president again.