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Kato Kaelin shares Barbara Walters' reaction to OJ Simpson's acquittal

Kato Kaelin recalls Barbara Walters' surprising reaction to not guilty verdict

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April 23, 2024
Kato Kaelin talks O.J. Simpsons guilt and how trial changed his career..
Kato Kaelin talks O.J. Simpson's guilt and how trial changed his career..

Brian Kato Kaelin, a key witness in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, has shared Barbara Walters' reaction when the former NFL star was found not guilty in 1995.

Kaelin rose to fame as Simpson's houseguest amid the intense media coverage surrounding the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. 

Speaking with People magazine, he recalled the moment the verdicts were announced, revealing that he was sitting beside Walters while preparing for a segment on ABC's 20/20. 

The conversation took place just two weeks after Simpson's death from cancer at age 76.

He said that as they sat together, Walters asked him, "What do you think of the decision?" Kaelin replied, "I think the jury made a mistake." 

According to him, Walters, who passed away at 93 on December 30, 2022, seemed to agree, subtly nodding in response.

Brian gained notoriety as a witness in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, shared insights into his relationship with the late television icon Barbara Walters.

Kaelin told People magazine that he had developed a friendship with Walters, who co-created The View, and had dined with her on several occasions. 

"By that time when I sat next to her," Kaelin said, referring to a 1995 interview segment for ABC's 20/20, "we had already seen each other three or four times on shows or when she visited Los Angeles."

Kaelin was a key witness in the criminal trial against Simpson, testifying that he heard a "bump" outside on the night of the double murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. 

He also saw Simpson in his yard, which prosecutors claimed indicated that Simpson had returned home after the fatal encounter. 

Despite his pivotal role in the trial, he later admitted he felt that his association with the case hindered his aspirations for a serious career in show business.

Speaking with People, he said that he believed Simpson was guilty of the murders, though he diplomatically added, "Well, I'm not a fan of his, that's all I say."

Kaelin also mentioned that he never witnessed any physical violence between Simpson and his ex-wife, despite Simpson's earlier arrest on a spousal abuse charge in 1989, to which he ultimately pleaded no contest.