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Chris Pratt shares 'painful' update from sets of 'Mercy': 'Moving forward'

For Chris Pratt's upcoming movie, no release date has been announced yet

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April 19, 2024
Chris Pratt shares painful update from sets of Mercy: Moving forward
Chris Pratt shares 'painful' update from sets of 'Mercy': 'Moving forward'

Chris Pratt shares fans with painful update about himself from the set of her upcoming project.

“Mercy filming day 4,” the actor, 44, started in an Instagram caption on Thursday, April 18.

He posted two images, one of which revealed a severe damage to his ankle.

“I have such a great stunt team! AND I sometimes try to get in there and do some of my own stuff,” he clarified, displaying a photo of himself with one shoe off and an improvised ice pack wrapped around his ankle.

“Today, daddy caught a metal post to the ankle. Should be interesting moving forward.,” he continued.

He removed the ice pack in the second picture to reveal a brand-new scar.

In the upcoming sci-fi thriller, Pratt plays Rebecca Ferguson's opposite. The movie centres on a detective (played by Pratt) who is suspected of committing a violent crime and tries to establish his innocence in a future where capital crime has increased, according to a synopsis released by Deadline.

Kylie Rogers, Kenneth Choi, Chris Sullivan, and Rafi Gavron are among the other stars.

Although a release date has not yet been announced, Pratt's father-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger is already proud of him and will provide his support when the movie hits theatres.