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Donald Glover to say goodbye to Childish Gambino soon

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino announced retirement from persona after few albums

By Web Desk
April 16, 2024
Donald Glover to retire as Childish Gambino soon
Donald Glover to retire as Childish Gambino soon

Donald Glover is taking his musical alter ego Childish Gambino to an end.

After making a surprise appearance at Coachella as Childish Gambino two days ago, the five-time Grammy winner artist, Donald Glover announced that he is going to day goodbye to his musical persona after two more albums.

The double-Emmy-winning Atlanta alum announced that he will put out two more albums under the Childish Gambino alter ego. 

These will be his first solo endeavours since 3.15.20, which was released at the same time with the Covid lockdown order. His horror series Swarm, which aired on Prime Video, included Ni'jah, on an EP he published last year.

Glover announced debut of new music through live stream on Twitter, writing, “GILGA Radio tonight @ 11 pm pst. live streamed on Instagram @donaldglover.”

He announced the retirement during the subsequent broadcast, “there’s the final Childish Gambino album, a soundtrack for the fans,” following the release of the album Atavista.

The singer and actor later revealed on social media the second and final album to be the Bando Stone & the New World soundtrack.