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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry make big decision to restore relations with royals

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle agree on reuniting kids with King Charles

By Web Desk
April 14, 2024
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry ready to take major step to repair royal relations
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry ready to take major step to repair royal relations

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are most likely to accept King Charles’ olive branch in the form of an invitation for a retreat in Balmoral.

According to reports from earlier this week, the 75-year-old monarch has been mulling over having the Duke and Duchess of Sussex join the royal family at the Scottish estate this summer alongside their kids.

Speaking to the Daily Express, an entertainment executive close to the Montecito couple claimed the twosome cleared their schedule for the specific period in hopes of an invite.

“They are looking at this summer as a pivot point to restore relations with King Charles,” they shared.

“They are ready, willing and able to fly to Balmoral should the invitation come - and they genuinely hope it does,” the insider insisted. “As well as supporting the King in his battle to beat cancer, they’re as anxious as he is that their children spend quality time with their grandfather.”

A senior source in the UK relayed the King’s sentiments toward taking this major step to heal rift with his younger son and family as he continues his treatment for cancer.

“It is no surprise that the King wants to extend an olive branch to his youngest son after all he has been through recently with his ill health,” they said.

“Healing the rift between his sons may take longer, but for Charles, it is natural to want to see Harry for his 40th birthday this summer, and also to want to spend time with his grandchildren,” the source added to the outlet.