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South-Korean singer Park Bo Ram dead at 30

South Korean singer Park Bo Ram died on April 12, at the age of 30

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April 12, 2024
K-pop singer Park Bo Ram dies at 30
K-pop singer Park Bo Ram dies at 30

South Korean singer Park Bo Ram died on April 12, at the age of 30 however, the cause of her death is still unknown.

According to the police, she was spotted drinking with friends before her death.

The news was confirmed by the K-pop singer’s agency, XANADU Entertainment, issuing a statement that read: “This is XANADU Entertainment. We are here to share sorrowful and heartbreaking news. Park Bo Ram suddenly passed away late at night on April 11.”

“All of the artists and executives at XANADU Entertainment are deeply mourning the deceased with great sadness. It is even more heartbreaking that we have to tell you this sudden news to all of the fans who support Park Bo Ram.”

“The funeral will be held after consulting with the bereaved’s family. Once again, we send our deepest condolences to the deceased so she may rest in peace.”

Meanwhile, the artist was gearing up for her new release to mark her 10 years in the music industry.

According to an Allkpop report, the officers from the Namyangju Police Station filed a report, claiming that the singer was last seen at a private gathering “hours before her death.”

As per the report, Park Bo Ram was drinking with two other friends, after which she excused herself to go to the restroom at 9:55PM.

After being unresponsive for some time, she was “found slouched over the sink, unconscious.”

She was rushed to Hanyang University Guri Hospital where the k-pop star was declared dead at 11:17PM.

For the unversed, Park Bo Ram rose to fame, shortly after participating in Mnet program SuperStar K2 in 2010.