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Prince Harry, Prince William reunion ‘blocked’ by major issues

Prince Harry ‘cannot’ reconcile with Prince William during UK visit

By Web Desk
April 04, 2024
Prince William, Prince Harry need to address big issues to move forward

Prince Harry and Prince William have a lot of unresolved issues to get over before they can finally reconcile and put an end to their rift.

The Duke of Sussex had detailed his troubled ties with his brother Prince William in his memoir Spare, which further deepened their rift between them, and it can only be resolved with an intervention and more time, per a relationship expert.

“Given the nature of the rift between the brothers, much deeper issues need to be addressed and resolved for a true reconciliation,” relationship expert Louella Alderson told The Mirror.

The update comes amid reports that Prince Harry is set to return to UK in May and is expected to meet his brother for a short, brief meeting, per royal author Tom Quinn.

However, Anderson explained that a brief meeting would not suffice for a true reconciliation as there are many past conflicts.

Anderson emphasised on the importance of having an “open and honest conversations about their feelings, expectations, and past conflicts in order to move forward” in the feud between the brothers.

“This could take time and a lot of effort, but it's a necessary step if all parties want to heal broken family relations,” she suggested.