Saturday May 25, 2024

Cardi B threatens to sue LAPD for trying to arrest her over ‘drug trafficking’

Cardi B claimed that the police strip-searched her for drugs after receiving an anonymous 'clue'

By Web Desk
March 26, 2024
Cardi B recently released her chart-topping single Enough (Miami)
Cardi B recently released her chart-topping single 'Enough (Miami)'

Cardi B is preparing to take legal action against the Los Angeles Police Department following an incident she described as an inappropriate stop and search.

In an Instagram Live on Monday, the 31-year-old rapper recounted how the police attempted to arrest her for drug trafficking, leaving her feeling distressed and outraged.

“Yo, I was freaking out. They had me outside for like three hours. They had me getting butt-naked outside. S**t was crazy. It was deada** a movie and whatever, but you already know,” she recalled the ordeal.

“I’m about to sue the LAPD,” she declared, adding, “I told them like, ‘Yo, I’m Cardi B. Like do I look like I gotta sell some s**t?’ Like why would I do that? I would never pull no s**t like that.”

“They didn’t believe me. It was some white cops and they ain’t know who I was. They was really tough on me and everything. They said somebody gave them a clue,” she said.

“Like y’all don’t even f***ing know. I been going through a lot lately,” she expressed.

The Bodack Yellow hitmaker then lightened the mood by laughing and thanking her fans for the support on her new song Miami (Enough).