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‘Only Murders in the Building’: Martin Short ‘thrilled’ to work with Meryl Streep

Martin Short talks about how he felt when he got to know he would star besides Meryl Streep

By Web Desk
March 05, 2024
Martin Short talks about working with Meryl Streep
Martin Short talks about working with Meryl Streep

Martin Short seems to feel overwhelmed working with Meryl Streep in Only Murders in the Building.

“It was one of the great thrills of my life,” Short, 73, said of starring beside Streep, 74, in Only Murders in the Building at a For Your Consideration event on Friday, March 1.

“In fact, the first day of shooting – which was rare because I’m not brand new – I was driving to work and I thought, ‘I’m nervous today. I’m working with Meryl Streep.’”

However, Streep has also badly wanted to join the show that stars Steve Martin and Selena Gomez as well.

Having enjoyed a "really fun" experience working with Martin on the 2009 film It's Complicated, Streep shared that she took the step to call him directly, hoping to get a spot on the show.

“I actually did call them up and ask. Doesn’t everyone want to be on this show? Clearly they do because next season, they all are,” she said, talking about Eugene Levy, Molly Shannon and Eva Longoria’s upcoming roles in season 4.

“They have to erect barriers to keep these actors out. I was a huge fan of the show, but I also just wanted to have some fun because the world is pretty sh–ty right now.”